Amazing fish and seafood restaurant in the sixth! I've tried their pasta vongole at an earlier visit - it was nothing less than incredible - and today I tried their caesar with crab. Really nice twist to a normal caesar. I adore crab already so the love story between us was not really a surprise...

81 Rue de Seine, 75006

ootd five

Jacket Gina Tricot // Sweater H&M // T-Shirt H&M // Pants H&M // Necklace Brandy Melville // Shoes Vans

ootd four


Jacket Stella Forest // Sweater Missguided // T-Shirt H&M // Pants & Other Stories // Necklace Brandy Melville // Shoes Adidas

Location: Paris College of Art

I'm sorry

I'm so sorry for the terribly bad update this last week. I have been working almost non-stop on my senior thesis layout and I have simply not had the time to do anything fun to show you guys. I finally handed in my thesis book today, so I'm over-the-moon happy! I will show it to you guys later! The photo is from this past Saturday when I went to a birthday party. I'm wearing a jacket from Gina Tricot and pants from Zara!

ootd three - ungendered

Sweater Uniqlo // Jeans Zara // Shoes Adidas Superstar

Location: Paris College of Art


Good Italien restaurant chain! I took their plat du jour - linguini with clams, asparagus, champignons and a cream based tomato sauce. I usually go to the one in the 16th, but they have several restaurants around Paris. My boyfriend took the turkey escalope with parma ham and mozzarella and likewise a sauce with cream and tomatoes. Good prices, nice ambiance and delicious food!

91 Avenue Raymond Poincaré, 75116

Senior Thesis

The 17th of May is my D-day. It is the day I am defending my Senior Thesis, after nine months of hard work. I am researching the subject of blogs, and this blog is the result and project based on that research. I have learnt so much about blogs, and I have endless respect for the dedication and time that bloggers spend on their respective blogs, and believe that blogs have the possibility to influence and inspire a lot of people. I have had a lot of fun doing this project, its's been really instructive and interesting, and the knowledge gained is invaluable. At this time, three weeks before the hand-in of my printed thesis, the end seems almost untouchable. I feel confident that i will reach my goal, but I still have a lot of work left to do. Please wish me luck and send me prayers and good energy so that I can finish my four year bachelor studies happy and with success <3

ootd two


Jacket Lindex // Sweater Diesel // Kick Flare Jeans H&M // Shoes Adidas // Moon Necklace Brandy Melville // Choker New Look // Fluid Lipstick & Other Stories

Location: Terrasse at Paris College of Art


Strolling around the Tuileries on a rainy afternoon can be quite rewarding. I should probably be studying, given the fact that I graduate in one month and have endless amount of work to prepare. But I guess the head need to be cleared from time to time. Stress, pressure and anxiety are feelings not completely uncommon to me, but on the other hand neither are excitement, curiosity and relief. I have been a student for so long, but soon I will no longer be. So I need walks like this to distant myself, to find clarity and to recharge. Because soon, life will take me on my next adventure.

thoiry part one


Spring is here!! The past Sunday promised 21 degrees so we borrowed a car and drove to Parc Zoologique de Thoiry, about 1,5h from Paris. They had a safari part where you drove around the area, and then a more traditional part where you walk around and look at the animals. I think it was a nice zoo, they seemed to take really good care of their animals, and love them as well. Usually my boyfriend works on Sundays, so it was wonderful to be able to spend a full Sunday wIth him in the sun.

bio burger


I had the loveliest of burgers yesterday for lunch. It's a place right by my school, and I've been wanting to try it out for a while. I took their cheeseburger with pickles and caramelised onions, and changed the meat for tofu (even costs 50 cents less;)). All food is bio, and all packaging is either biodegradable, recyclable or recycled. I love that more and more veggie alternatives have begun to pop up around Paris - a trend I think more people will undertand the importance of too.

10, rue de la Victoire


I hope you all had a wonderful easter weekend! I didn't have school Friday, or yesterday so my weekend was long and relaxing. I spent it with friends, good food and an egg hunt :). My friend hosted a dinner yesterday with typical Swedish food - meatballs, salmon in flatbread, and "skagenröra". Quite amazing if you ask me. Would've loved being with my family in Sweden, but the Paris family was pretty good too hehe!